NAME Conference Surfing Lingo (www.riptionary.com)

  • Amped - Really charged up …. Stoked, psyched. It's on!
  • Axed - To be crushed, whacked or worked by a wave. Example: "The lip of that gnarly bomb really axed me."
  • Bottom Turn - A sweeping move that enables a surfer to establish speed and direction for a ride. Also establishes the rhythm of the ride as the surfer becomes in synch with the wave. By far the most crucial turn in surfing as it sets the tempo and line for the entire ride. Combo Swells - A combination of swells from varying direction which will create peaky and crossed up sections as waves converge. Combo swells are great for most beach breaks but break up the prefect lines at most reef and point breaks.
  • Covered - Another way to say tubed, pitted, slotted, etc.
  • Crewbie - The close-knit group that surfs together. Usually at the same spot, break or area.
  • Epic - Beyond the usual or ordinary. Generally used in the positive sense. Example: "The surf was epic today."
  • Goin' off - Condition when a break is experiencing optimum conditions. A perfectly breaking setup is said to be "Goin' off".
  • Grind/Grindage - Food is known as "grindage". To eat is to grind. Example: Yo, dude, I’m starving. Let's grind."
  • Kickin' - Cool, sweet, awesome, shibby. As in "That was kickin'."
  • Lock-in - To occupy the optimum position on the wave; trim, et al. To maximize a ride.
  • Jag - The rest period after a long or intense surf session.
  • Park off - To chill out. When you park off, you sit down and relax…. Chill out.
  • Peelin' - Condition in which a wave breaks perfectly from takeoff all the way down the line and "peels" as it moves from start to finish.
  • Point Break - A setup where waves wrap around a point of land creating perfectly lined up, peeling waves. Consistent, hollow and generally yield a longer ride.
  • Pull off - To succeed making a radical maneuver. As in DUDE! "I can not believe he pulled off that backside 360."
  • Stoked - Condition of being amped up, wound up or just full of enthusiasm.
  • Swami - An expert surfer, usually of senior years.
  • Talk Story - The reciting of tales related to ones surfing experiences. When a crew gets together this can be quite an entertaining event, because these are generally loosely based on facts - at least in their mind.
  • Wax Bum - Someone who sits on the beach with his or her board and never goes out. Just keeps waxing their board. Synonym: Wannabe.