2013 NAME Anysia Drumheller Memorial Conference Scholarship Recipient Information

We welcome Christine to her first, and hopefully not her last, NAME Conference.

Name: Christine Arena

Affiliation: LEA - Consolidated School District of New Britain

State: Connecticut

First NAME Conference? Yes

Why she would like to attend the NAME Conference and why she feels her participation in the conference will assist in her work:

New Britain is one of the lowest per-capita income school districts in Connecticut. It has 11, 689 students, of which 701 have IEP-mandated related services and are Medicaid eligible.

Having worked for the New Britain Board of Education for the past 9 years in various capacities, I have seen firsthand how the lack of funds has impacted the education of our low income students—from the lack of textbooks to the inability to effectively outfit classrooms with needed teaching tools.

For the last three years, I have worked in the Special Education department: in Medicaid Billing (submitting MSI forms to the state), in compiling and submitting the 2011 and 2012 SBCH reports, and assisting in the information retrieval for time studies.

I am fiercely committed to saving the district money, as well as increasing any reimbursements. In everything I do, I not only question expenses, but also work assiduously to squeeze as much back in Medicaid (and other) reimbursements as possible. The finance department has asked me for recommendations to improve their documentation and reporting for the 2013 ED001, which is the primary source of the SBCH report. I am fascinated by the details of the Medicaid process (with which I am only familiar on the district level), and I hope to learn more about how to firm up our submissions and reports.

I firmly believe that with the information I will gain and share from the 2013 NAME Conference I will be more able to:

  • improve and strengthen our district’s relationship with Connecticut Medicaid personnel
  • support our Medicaid coordinator
  • discover more about enhancing Medicaid awareness and facilitating parental consent
  • increase participation in MSI submissions from our outplaced students’ schools
  • augment our Medicaid reimbursements and lessen response time
  • work more closely with our finance department to sharpen their ED001 Section 4 reporting
  • make contacts within other districts in order to network about challenges and successes with the Medicaid process

Thus, I request that I receive the Anysia Drumheller scholarship to the 2013 NAME Conference.