Denver Convention Presentations

The following are links to presentations given at the 2003 NAME Convention in Denver, Colorado:

National Issues Sessions

  1. Using Medicaid School Program Data to Drive Accountability and Program Improvement.
    June Cohen and Ben Feldman, Presenters
    PowerPoint presentation
    Sample document
  2. In the NAME of Collaboration.
    Matt Fanale and Dann Stevens, Presenters
    PowerPoint presentation
  3. Legal Implications of Medicaid Reimbursement for School - Based Special Education Services.
    Brian Kobil, Presenter
    PowerPoint presentation
  4. Replacing Silos with Technology: Sharing Data Across Medicaid and Education.
    Deloitte Consulting, Presenters
    PowerPoint presentation (part 1 of 3)
    PowerPoint presentation (part 2 of 3)
    PowerPoint presentation (part 3 of 3)