Surfing the Waves of Medicaid in Education

Dates: October 13-16, 2009
Location: Hilton Del Mar, San Diego, CA

PLEASE NOTE: The Conference Schedule is still in development and is subject to change.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Noon – 6 pm
Salon Foyer


Exhibit Set-up

Auction Items Drop-off

Tips for printing Powerpoint presentations

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

7 am – 8:15 am

New Member "Crewbie" Breakfast

Hosted by:
Anysia Drumheller
Chair Membership Committee

Welcome to NAME! If this is your first time attending the NAME annual conference then this is the breakfast session for you. NAME Organization information will be shared. Come sit down for breakfast, meet members of the Board of Directors of NAME, meet other members and learn about the organization that “bridges Medicaid and education to promote the integrity of school-based health services”. New members are invited and all NAME members are welcome to attend. Join this ‘party wave’ and get to know NAME a little better.

Bayside Community CenterNAME will host its 7th Annual Silent Auction in San Diego/Del Mar. All proceeds will be donated to Bayside Community Center. Items to be auctioned are donated to the Conference by anyone who is interested or registered or is attending the Conference. Start thinking now about what you would like to donate for this worthwhile effort while following our "Surfing, Beach, or California" related theme! More details about the Silent Auction are below.

NAME members are encouraged to participate in the charity auction by donating items this year with a Surfing, Beach or California related theme. Donated items will be grouped by state so if more than one participant from a state donates items they may be grouped together. the Auction will commence when the first item appears Wednesday, October 14, and bidding closes at the end of the first morning break on Friday October 16.

NAME Conference Surfing Lingo (

  • Amped - Really charged up …. Stoked, psyched. It's on!
  • Axed - To be crushed, whacked or worked by a wave. Example: "The lip of that gnarly bomb really axed me."
  • Bottom Turn - A sweeping move that enables a surfer to establish speed and direction for a ride. Also establishes the rhythm of the ride as the surfer becomes in synch with the wave. By far the most crucial turn in surfing as it sets the tempo and line for the entire ride. Combo Swells - A combination of swells from varying direction which will create peaky and crossed up sections as waves converge. Combo swells are great for most beach breaks but break up the prefect lines at most reef and point breaks.
  • Covered - Another way to say tubed, pitted, slotted, etc.
  • Crewbie - The close-knit group that surfs together. Usually at the same spot, break or area.
  • Epic - Beyond the usual or ordinary. Generally used in the positive sense. Example: "The surf was epic today."
  • Goin' off - Condition when a break is experiencing optimum conditions. A perfectly breaking setup is said to be "Goin' off".