2011 NAME Conference Highlights from Albuquerque

On behalf of the entire 2011 Conference committee and the NAME Leadership Team, Amy Edwards and I would like to thank our sponsors and members for one of the most successful Conferences! We welcomed 256 members to our Albuquerque Conference, the second highest ever attendance, and collected record amounts for our local charities, the Albuquerque Public Schools Clothing Bank and the Los Medras After-School Dance Club whose members delighted us with their performance.

During the Conference, Amy and I heard too many positive comments to count -- about the food, the Hotel Albuquerque and its staff and ambiance, the proximity of Old Town, the quality of our speakers, and the level and quantity of information attendees received. We heard from those of you who enjoyed the trolley tour and won gifts from $10 off coupons at certain shops to hand-painted Hopi Kachina Dolls. The officials and residents who welcomed us to this year’s conference truly embodied the enchantment of New Mexico’s spirit, made us feel at home, and enabled us to absorb the high quality information NAME offered. We look forward to next year and experiencing all Rhode Island has to offer as we fondly bid farewell to Albuquerque and all the people who made 2011 Conference such a success!

- Michelle Lyons-Brown (AK)
Conference Co-Chair

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