Child's Hope

The child abuse prevention council of out-Wayne County, Michigan

Childs_HopeThe NAME 2013 Conference Committee has selected a private, nonprofit corporation that builds programs offering children, their families and Detroit-area communities' effective tools and support to prevent child abuse. Servicing an area called Out-Wayne County, Child's Hope works in all of Wayne County excluding the cities of Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park. (These communities work with another child abuse prevention agency.) Founded in 1985, a dedicated group of community volunteers, concerned about child abuse and neglect in Wayne County, formed Child's Hope.

Child's Hope has become a central voice for the prevention of child abuse and neglect in Wayne County. Through programs such as Read to Me, a literacy mentoring program for at-risk pre-school children, Child's Hope is building collaborations and programs that help break the cycle of abuse. Child's Hope also offers a variety of training programs for caregivers, children and families, including Mandated Reporter Training, My Body is Mine and Never Shake a Baby-all with the intent of protecting our most vulnerable citizens-our children.

Children should be protected from the pain and suffering of child abuse and neglect. Child's Hope collaborates with other like-minded organizations in the community to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect prevention, strengthen families and foster a safe and nurturing environment for all children.

Working with Head Start and local school districts, this agency provides programs that target preschool children to teach about the dangers of sexual and physical abuse. My Body is Mine educates 3 and 4-year olds about the importance of having a voice and speaking up when they are forced to deal with inappropriate or unwanted touches. Read to Me pairs University of Michigan-Dearborn School of Education students with at-risk preschool children, which includes children with disabilities, in a semester- long one-on-one mentoring literacy program. A program to educate teachers and other school personnel, titled Mandated Reporter Training teaches participants to recognize the signs of child abuse or neglect, and act accordingly to report any suspicious behavior to the proper authorities. Never Shake a Baby programs inform parents about the dangers of shaking a baby while offering important tips for soothing and calming their baby to use and also pass along to their child's caregivers.

Many of the families are Medicaid eligible. We know that children with disabilities are often at greater risk for being victims of sexual and physical abuse. That's why Child's Hope strives to educate and work with caretakers, educators, families and children to hopefully prevent child abuse and neglect, along with providing the steps to report any evidence to stop the abuse from continuing.

Though Child's Hope is located in Wayne County and not within the geographic area of our NAME conference, Child's Hope is deserving of our generosity. Wayne County is struggling in many areas: poverty, population decline, unsafe neighborhoods, high unemployment and poor performing schools. Supporting parents and caregivers by providing them with new coping skills relieves some of the stress often associated with abuse. And parents and caregivers of children with disabilities need additional support, as we all know.

This request for financial resources would support the goal of increasing the number of trained facilitators and programs to reach more mandated reporters and at-risk children.

Two existing trainings include:

  • Mandated Reporter-a basic overview of the definitions of child abuse and neglect and information on how to report. It also stresses that attendees are “mandated” by law to report immediately. The training provides the timeframes for phone and written reporting as well as the appropriate phone numbers.
  • My Body is Mine -training sessions held at elementary schools and childcare centers to facilitate a sexual abuse prevention workshop that combines song, dance, and a story to teach 3-4 year old children about inappropriate touching. The children learn that they have the right not to be touched, especially inappropriately, and the importance of telling a trusted adult should they be violated.

These programs meet a critical need in this community. As resources dwindle for families during these tough economic times, often there are unfortunate results for the children. As family stress increases, child abuse and neglect also increases. Child's Hope is dedicated to eliminating that threat.


  • 100 Your Body Belongs to You Books: $1,000
  • Folders: $250
  • Printing: $500


  • Trainer stipend: $20 per hr.
  • 50 2 hr. trainings: $2,000

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