2019 NAME Sponsor Invitation

The National Alliance for Medicaid in Education (NAME), Inc., invites you to participate in our Medicaid in Education community by becoming a 2019 NAME sponsor. Organizations interested in increasing their visibility as a strong supporter of Medicaid reimbursement for school-based health care will have the opportunity to be a critical partner. Your sponsorship helps not only to create visibility for your organization at our annual national conference where our attendees have access to timely, relevant school-based Medicaid content, it provides support, so NAME can participate in meetings with federal agencies such as CMS and USDOE, as well as other partner organizations that are committed to improve and enhance school-based health care.

NAME's purpose is to provide leadership; promote integrity, collaboration and success; and facilitate a network to share information among our members. Our membership represents state Medicaid and education agencies, as well as local education agency staff with programmatic responsibility for administering Medicaid claiming for health-related special education services and Medicaid administrative activities performed by public schools. We are a steadily growing national not-for-profit organization that has built its reputation on providing timely, accurate, and valid information from the highest quality sources.

NAME continues to increase its efforts at the national, state and local levels in order to refine, improve and enhance the ability of local schools to access Medicaid. During the past year, NAME participated in numerous meetings in DC expressing our concerns about the potential for negative impacts on our nation’s most vulnerable children if radical changes were made to Medicaid. NAME has continued to be involved with the Save Medicaid in Schools Coalition which consists of approximately 80 national and state organizations that are vested in the potential outcomes of the administration’s health care reform efforts. NAME has maintained its leadership role in the Healthy Schools Campaign and Trust for Americas Health “Healthy Students, Promising Futures Collaborative” which is focused on expanding access to school-based health services for children enrolled in Medicaid.

If you were a previous sponsor, we hope that you continue to see the value of our efforts. If you have not been a supporter in the past, we hope that you recognize that our mission of advocating for program integrity for school-based Medicaid reimbursement, as well as our effort to provide leadership, promote collaboration and facilitate a network to share information is in the best interest of all stakeholders. It is our belief these efforts will help assure a long-lasting funding stream that allows schools to better meet the educational and medical needs of our nation’s children.

I am hopeful your organization will be able to support our efforts this year with a generous sponsorship. The scope of NAME’s efforts for 2019-20 and beyond is highly dependent on your support. You will find the 2019 sponsor application attached. For more information, please contact John Hill, NAME’s Executive Director, at 317-902-5446 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


John Hill
John Hill, Executive Director
National Alliance for Medicaid in Education
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.