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In the Media: Links to News from Around the Country

By: Larry Charny (NY) Communications Committee

Information on Special Education, Medicaid and their points of intersection are dynamic and complex. This column, In the Media, provides a portal to the most recent information, from a variety of news outlets, covering a wide range of issues relevant to members of NAME. Yesterday's information provides context; today's information prepares you for tomorrow. Here are links to some articles we think will be of interest to you:

Charter Schools Serving Fewer Students With Disabilities
Charter schools are enrolling a disproportionately low number of students with disabilities:

Ohio gets $10M for Medicaid training
Money will go to 6 Ohio universities to improve health outcomes. Health care professionals at the schools, hospitals, clinics and community-based sites will learn to work together to coordinate patient care:

Education Budget Basics for Next Year (NY)
The city wants to do a better job of submitting claims to Medicaid, after failing to collect tens of millions of dollars in years past:

NY State: East Ramapo owes $186G for Medicaid special-education over-payments
The financially strapped East Ramapo school district owes at least $186,804 in Medicaid:

Deep cuts to Oakland schools' special education programs, made in the last week of school, blindside teachers and families
The Oakland school district's special-education programs will take a $4.3 million hit next school year under a plan to fix a multimillion-dollar budget shortfall discovered just a month ago:

Marlborough council avoids school budget cut (MA) officials were being encouraged to seek more Medicaid reimbursements, which now go to the city, but could be transferred to the schools: