Hello NAME Members!

I want to welcome in the New Year. In 2020, we saw significant disruption to our lives with the COVID pandemic, racial conflict, and other social unrest. Many of our NAME members and their families have been and continue to be directly impacted by these disruptions. I want to recognize that many NAME members find themselves on the frontlines serving students, families and their communities. They do this in uncertain times, often while experiencing their own feelings of grief, loss, and fear. These issues have not been resolved. However, we are working as a nation, in our own communities and within our families to support one another and make a new and better normal. We recognize your courage, determination, and sacrifice! Thank you!

These are challenging times. Our country’s education and health care systems are significantly impacted and have had to make considerable changes. NAME’s work has changed and the Board has adapted. NAME remains committed to supporting our members across the country in leveraging Medicaid reimbursement. NAME has focused on:

  1. Maintaining focus on the nation’s students and families. NAME remains committed to supporting our members across the country in leveraging Medicaid reimbursement to ensure health services continue being funded. We continue to coordinate with Federal, State and other partners to ensure Medicaid billing remains accessible during a significant shift to telehealth services
  2. Shifting all programming to Virtual platforms. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 National NAME conference was canceled. The NAME conference committee quickly adapted and with national partner, support launched a Virtual Webinar series. This shift to online programming was well received and will likely continue even after we are able to return to in-person conferences.
  3. Updating online membership access/interface. Aligned with the shift to conducting all business in a virtual environment, the NAME IT committee is working to automate the membership process and improve online data management.

We hope that these areas of focus will allow us to continue to provide high-quality support and resources to our members. Please do not hesitate to reach out directly to myself or any one of our Board members. Most importantly during this time of change, NAME needs you to stay connected to us. It is important that all members and sponsors renew their financial support and participate in our virtual programming. This will allow the organization to continue to provide resources, network colleagues across the country, and serve as a voice for those we serve.

Thank you for the work that you do!

Ely Sanders


National Alliance of Medicaid in Education