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Greetings from NAME Region 1!

From Region IV (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN) Representative Nora Poisella (NC)

Georgia: Terri Portis, Department of Community Health - Georgia's Administrative Claiming for Education Program was authorized by CMS on April 1, 2011, and the State is currently seeking approval for Cost Settlement with the fee-for-service program.

Tennessee: Holly Christopher, Stellar Therapy Services, -- This past school year was the first year our company assisted in obtaining TennCare-Medicaid reimbursements for Special Ed services. We are working hard to build relationships with the Managed Care Organizations and are still awaiting payment from one. We have met with the State Special Education Deputy Commissioner and believe that office is now "on board". Since the Medicaid reimbursement process is not defined statewide, implementation is difficult for schools.