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In April 2015 the NAME Region 3 Representatives to the Board of Directors had the opportunity to host a NAME Member National Conference Call. We started planning for this event by summarizing the topics that generated the most interest at the Region 3 Town Hall meetings at the NAME Annual Conference in Niagara Falls in September 2014. We then narrowed it down to three possible topics for the focus of the National Call and asked the Region 3 members to vote for the topic they wanted covered.

Based on member feedback, we conducted a National Conference Call on “Cost Based Rate Methodologies and Random Moment Time Study (RMTS)” on April 23, 2015. In spite of some minor technical difficulties, the feedback on the content of the presentation was overwhelmingly positive.

We want to thank all of the members of Region 3 who provided questions in advance, which helped to focus the content of the presentation. And thank you to all NAME members who participated on the Call and posed more questions to our presenters.

If you were unable to participate in the call, the PowerPoint presentation and the audio recording of the webinar are posted on the NAME website, in the “Members Only” section > NAME National Conference Calls.

If there are questions or future topic ideas you want to hear about, please email us anytime.

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Stacie Martin (KS)
Region 3 - State Education Agency Representative

Melinda Hollinshead (AZ)
Region 3 - State Medicaid Agency Representative

Jeremy Ford (CA)
Region 3 - Local Education Agency Representative

Shannon Huska (CO)
At- Large - State Medicaid Agency Representative