Congratulations to:




Diane Ballard


  Cedar Rapids Community School District, Iowa



Medicaid Facilitator

Why Diane would like to attend the 12th Annual  NAME Conference and why she feels participation will benefit her work:   


I am the Medicaid Facilitator for the second largest school district in Iowa. I have attended several NAME conferences in the past, but due to budget constraints our school district has imposed a ban on travel beyond a 5-hour radius outside of our district. This directly affects my ability to attend the NAME conference this fall.

I have benefitted greatly from participating in past conferences. I have learned so much about School-based Medicaid and also about Medicaid in general. I am especially grateful for the knowledge and ideas I receive from staff in other parts of the country that I have been able to use back in my own district to enhance my district’s participation in school-based Medicaid. I feel I have given ideas to others as well, and in fact, I was a presenter last year.

I attend these conferences to improve my leadership skills, collaborate with others, and to ensure that collectively we remain strong as a national organization. I want to be able to continue to be an active member of NAME and support our mission. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship.