Congratulations to:




Anne Jeschke



Warren County School Board



Medicaid Billing Coordinator (also a Physical Therapist)

Why Anne would like to attend the 13th Annual  NAME Conference and why she feels participation will benefit her work:









I am the original Medicaid Billing Coordinator for Warren County Public Schools in Front Royal, Virginia. I am also a physical therapist and continue to carry a small caseload. In a small, rural school system you get to wear many hats. That is a good thing in many ways and has kept my job very challenging and interesting for 22 years. It also presents the disadvantage of working outside of areas or which you were trained. As the first coordinator, I have had to learn the job bit by bit, not always efficiently or even correctly. This year I have had the pleasure of meeting with a regional group of Medicaid coordinators. This has provided me with a wealth of experience, assistance and support.  There is so much to be gained by pooling experience and working collaboratively.

And so I am applying for the Anysia Drumheller Memorial Scholarship in order to attend the NAME Conference. Having read about her, I sense her spirit of joy in collaborating with others. I would like to attend the conference because I am very interested in participating on a national level in order to be more successful with bringing Medicaid reimbursement to Warren County. I thank you for your consideration.