Congratulations to:




Deborah Adams



Dubuque Community School District



Medicaid Coordinator (also School Nurse)

Why Deborah would like to attend the 13th Annual  NAME Conference and why she feels participation will benefit her work:


















I am submitting this request for the "Anysia Drumheller Memorial Scholarship" in order to enhance my practice as the Medicaid Coordinator for our school district and to honor Ms. Drumheller by actively advocating for Medicaid program integrity and following "NAME's" mission statement. Program integrity assures our students the continuation of services necessary for them to successfully achieve their full potential in school as supported through the Medicaid Program.  I am a Registered Nurse of 38 years, practiced school nursing for 18 years and taught for four years in our school district. Practicing in these two roles assists me to understand the complexities of claiming for health and behavior needs. We provide Medicaid services for approximately 480 students and have a dedicated hard working staff. As a school nurse I have submitted Medicaid claims and now I have just completed my first year as the Dubuque Community School Districts-LEA Medicaid Coordinator.  I have years of experience but I believe in order to do my best job I need to actively participate in "NAME".  

Attending this conference will provide me with an opportunity to learn more about the latest Medicaid updates and also allows me to network with other Medicaid coordinators and leaders to improve my practice and assure the highest standards of practice in our school district.  I am thrilled to be introduced to a Professional Organization that assists in providing its members and affiliates an opportunity to keep current on Medicaid standards and provides a nationwide network of professionals to learn and share with.
Membership in "NAME" will provide me with up-to-date information, education and resources to continue to build a strong Medicaid program.  I believe participation in a professional organization provides credibility to my position and to our school districts goal to provide the best educational opportunities and support for our students.
Thank you for considering this request. In doing so you are supporting the development of my Medicaid knowledge as we strive to continue a program that supports our students’ individual needs.