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Rebekah Helget



Special Services Co-op USD 320



Special Education Director


Why Rebekah would like to attend the 13th Annual  NAME Conference and why she feels participation will benefit her work:

















Last year, I attended the NAME conference and couldn't wait to get back to Kansas after 3 days of Professional Learning to share with other Directors across the state the information that was learned.  After attending the conference I received much more clarity and understanding  regarding Medicaid and how it relates to LEA agencies.  My passion and excitement was contagious and in January 2015 I was able to present the information to our KASEA (KANSAS Council of Administration Special Education) organization several months after the NAME conference.  The Professional Learning and information that was provided to our Directors in the state was well received and provided us with more info1mation regarding the need to continue Professional learning in the area of Medicaid for LEA Agencies. After our KASEA conference in January 2015, the feedback regarding the Medicaid presentation was extremely positive. Many mentioned they dreaded the topic, as they view Medicaid as a boring topic; however the evaluation feedback was amazing!  As a matter of fact, many veteran directors mentioned the information presented was the most informational and interesting presentation in regards to Medicaid they had ever received. Made me smile, as the info1mation was what had been learned at the NAME conference in October 2014.

I would love to continue my understanding for Medicaid in education in order to help build confidence with our local agencies.  Building local capacity is extremely impmiant and also helps suppmi our Kansas State Depaiiment of Education in their endeavors to build local capacity.  Therefore, I would love to be considered for the Anysia Drumheller memorial Scholarship in 2015 to continue my professional growth as an educator in the area of Medicaid.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application request.  Attending the NAME conference would be an honor and I guarantee you it will be a great investment, as I would continue to build a level of understanding in the area of Medicaid in education within our public schools in Kansas.