On November 9, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published an informational bulletin outlining program options and financing information for states facing a federal funding shortfall in their Children's Health Insurance Programs (CHIP). The bulletin:

  • Describes options for states to transition current CHIP enrollees to alternative coverage sources and the operational activities associated with these changes;
  • Reviews CHIP maintenance of effort requirements for CHIP-funded Medicaid expansion programs;
  • Describes SPAs needed to effectuate any changes;
  • Provides details around available FY 2018 CHIP funding, comprised of unused FY 2017 CHIP allotments (reduced by 1/3 per federal statute) and unused allotments from previous fiscal years; and
  • Outlines the CMS process for providing redistribution funding and applying the statutorily required 1/3 reduction to the FY 2017 CHIP allotment carry-overs.