On November 6, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published two informational bulletins describing a series of process improvements to the approval and renewal processes for state plan amendments (SPAs), section 1915 waivers, and section 1115 demonstrations. Link to Medicaid SPA Processing Tools for States and 1915 Waiver Processing Bulletins:

NAME Flash: OSERS Guidance Rescinded on Parental Consent

As part of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) regulatory reform initiative, the department announced on Friday, October 20 2017 that OSERS has rescinded 72 guidance documents for being outdated, unnecessary or ineffective.

Please read the OSERS announcement:

Review OSERS chart of rescinded guidance documents referred to in the announcement:

Item number eleven on the chart of rescinded guidance documents references a one page document (click here) that was issued by OSERS on March 18, 2013, to clarify changes to the parental consent requirements specified in regulation 34 CFR 300.154(d) on accessing public benefits or insurance (e.g., Medicaid). The reason cited for rescinding this guidance document (see last column regarding item number eleven) asserts that it is no longer needed because it pertained to rolling out new 2006 regulations. Based on the linked document, it appears the guidance referenced was actually shared in 2013 when the 2006 requirements were changed, in part, to allow schools to obtain a one-time written consent instead of requiring parental consent “each and every time” the school accessed Medicaid.

Bottom line—-it appears at this time that the 2013 parental consent regulations remain in effect. NAME is closely monitoring the implications of Executive Order 13777 and will issue additional information to our members as we receive it.

John Hill, Executive Director
National Alliance for Medicaid in Education
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Click Here to access Achieving Impact: State Successes in Improving School Nutrition, Physical Education, Physical Activity, and the Management of Chronic Health Conditions in Schools, a new publication from the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors. This publication, features highlights of 15 states’ implementation of school health projects, under 1305 State Public Health Actions, a cooperative agreement funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Examples include identification of key partners, successful strategies and plans for sustainability.

NAME is pleased to announce the three awardees of the 2017 Anysia Drumheller Scholarship who will receive their 2017 Conference registration and 2018 membership dues paid for, along with some travel and lodging costs to attend the 15th Annual NAME Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida October 15-18, 2017.

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LEA Program Reviewer

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On June 28, 2017 the Washington Post printed a detailed article on the potential impack that the current Health Care Reform Bill could potentially have on our nation's public schools.

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Washington Post article

Status of Health Care Reform

On June 22, 2017 the US Senate released its proposed Health Care Reform Bill.


It is important to note that this bill is very similar to the Health Care Reform Bill that was recently passed in the US House of Representatives.  The Save Medicaid in Schools Coalition is very concerned that these bills will have a significant negative effective on children’s health care services for a number of reasons including the proposed changes in Medicaid financing.

The Save Medicaid In Schools Coalition has sent a letter to the US House and Senate leadership expressing their concerns in regards to the proposed bills.  This letter can be found on the AASA, The Schools Superintendents Association website at:


Today (June 22, 2017) the Save Medicaid in Schools Coalition released the following on the Senate Health Care Reform Bill:


Also of interest is a link to the Larry Jacobs, Education Talk Radio interview on “The Relationship Of Schools and Medicaid”.  Participating in the call were John Hill, NAME Executive Director and Kathy Merry, NAME Region 2 LEA Representative.


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Medicaid is a vital source of health coverage nationwide, but the program’s role is even more pronounced in small towns and rural areas. Medicaid covers a larger share of nonelderly adults and children in rural and small-town areas than in metropolitan areas; this trend is strongest among children. 

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