On July 14, NAME representatives had the opportunity to meet with Donna Cohen Ross, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Director of Enrollment Initiatives and Stakeholder Engagement.  
Recognizing that schools are crucial partners in the national campaign to help students and families:

  •     understand health coverage options,
  •     enroll and retain coverage
  •     access health care,   

Ms. Cohen Ross shared national “Insure Kids Now” campaign information to help you help students.  The campaign provides links to stay informed of upcoming activities, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) outreach materials that CMS can customize for your needs, short videos, and much more.
Visit InsureKidsNow.gov for more details and comprehensive information on Medicaid and CHIP coverage for school-age children. 

NAME members:  log in to NAME’s Members Only site for more information on this campaign and other recent guidance from CMS, updates to federal audit information and school-based health news.

In July, 2014, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) published a clarification regarding Medicaid Coverage of Services to Children with Autism.  Click this link to see the 5-page informational bulletin:http://www.medicaid.gov/Federal-Policy-Guidance/Downloads/CIB-07-07-14.pdf

In May 2014 the U. S. Department of Education issued two guidance documents that have relevance to the work of NAME members.

  • Federal Civil Rights and Special Education Laws and Regulations Apply to Charter Schools

The USED Office for Civil Rights published its guidance on Charter Schools and Special Education. Click to see this 7-page guidance document here:  Charter Schools and Special Education guidance  


  • FERPA Amendments of 2013 Apply to Part B and Part C of IDEA

On May 27, 2014, the USED provided guidance on amendments to the Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). These amendments affect the confidentiality provision which applies to Part B and Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Click to see this 18-page letter:   FERPA guidance

LRP reports that OSEP plans to replace the Regional Resource Technical Assistance Centers with One National Center. To read this article <click here>

NAME has updated the Member Only web pages to include more school-based services audit information.

To access links to recent Office of Inspector General (OIG) Audit Reports and Government Accountability Office (GAO) Reports & Testimonies on Medicaid Reimbursements for School-based Services, login to Member Only > then on the Member Only menu click > Find a Document or Form > Federal Audits.

Once there, you will also find new links to general information from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on “The Role of Medicaid Integrity Contractors in Medicaid Audits” and “Who Are the Medicaid Integrity Contractors, Where Do They Operate, and What Do They Do?”

The Board of Directors of the National Alliance for Medicaid in Education (NAME), at its January 2014 meeting, approved a contract to obtain Executive Director services with one of its Past Presidents, John Hill, effective April 1, 2014.  Mr. Hill is a founding member of NAME and has served as the Chair of its Governmental Affairs & Public Relations Committee since 2006.

The NAME organization, chartered in 2003, brings together professionals who have an interest in Medicaid reimbursement for medically related services and Medicaid outreach delivered in the nation’s public schools.  The organization’s 300-plus members include individuals from state agencies, local public schools, federal agencies, consultants, vendors, national and state professional organizations and advocates, with members from nearly every state. NAME promotes networking, provides pertinent and timely information to its members, and hosts educational webinars and an annual conference.

NAME is pleased to unveil the new layout of the NAME website.
We have just completed updates to our platform which now allows our site to be easily viewed on all electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). We also have a new search feature which should make searches easier.
If you run into any problems, broken links or you aren’t sure where to find something, please contact the NAME Web Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - enjoy!

Excerpt from www.EducationVotes.org, by Colleen Flaherty, posted 3-6-14

On March 5, 2014, members of both parties introduced a bill in Congress to fully fund IDEA. NAME will follow this bill closely to assess its potential impact on School Based Services and Special Education programs.

If passed, the bill would fund IDEA as promised almost 40 years ago to American students with special needs. The bipartisan IDEA Full Funding Act, strongly supported by the National Education Association (NEA), goes back to the original Education for All Handicapped Children Act (Public Law 94-142), passed in 1975. At the time, the federal government committed to pay 40 percent of the average per pupil expenditure for special education in order to provide opportunity for every child with disabilities.

However, in the 39 years since the Act has been passed, the pledge has never been met. The current federal funding is at just 15.3 percent. The bipartisan legislation would require regular increases in IDEA spending to finally meet the commitment Congress made decades ago. To read the full article <click here>

And more information about the bill from one of the Sponsors, Congressman Tim Walz (D-MN):

UPDATE: We are Happy to Announce the Scholarship Recipient
Find Out More

Anysia DrumhellerAt its June 2013 meeting, the NAME Board of Directors created the Anysia Drumheller Memorial Scholarship in memory of Anysia Drumheller, a longtime NAME member. The annual Scholarship will provide up to $1,000 for the reimbursement of reasonable costs for travel to and lodging at the NAME Annual Conference. In 2013, the Conference (October 8-11) is in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Anysia was elected to serve on the NAME Board of Directors; appointed Chair of the NAME Membership Committee; and awarded Honorary NAME Board Member status prior to her untimely death in May 2013. Anysia’s numerous contributions to NAME, determination to recruit new members, and service to NAME members are commemorated with this generous scholarship. The deadline has been extended to August 30,2013.

The Anysia Drumheller Memorial Conference Scholarship

Scholarship Criteria & Application

Donate to the Anysia Drumheller Memorial Conference Scholarship

Make a Donation

2013 Conference Presentation

Donate to the Anysia Drumheller Memorial Conference Scholarship (no tax benefits are available at this time):

Make a Donation

Anysia Drumheller  Anysia Drumheller held the position of Medi-Cal Program Manager in the local education agency Butte County Office of Education in California, from 2004 until her untimely death in May 2013 after a two-and a-half-year battle with breast cancer. Anysia joined the NAME organization in 2005 seeking more knowledge about “these crazy programs” that bring Medicaid reimbursement to school districts. She began attending the NAME Annual Conferences, made friends quickly and soon was an active member.

Recognizing her strengths in organization, multi-tasking and attention to detail, in 2008 then-President Liz Touhey appointed Anysia as the Chair of the Membership Committee. Anysia soon moved NAME into the twenty-first century by creating Membership reports and converting records with relational database software. She created reports based on member statistics that were then used for strategic planning by the Board of Directors, in conversations with other national organizations and federal agencies and used for member recruitment. The NAME membership data and statistics also helped ease the work of other Committees over the years, by facilitating the annual election process; providing the Conference committee with valuable information to develop pertinent educational programs and sessions; and reminding the Leadership Team that service’s for members were the organization’s top priority.

In 2011 Anysia was elected as one of two LEA Representatives at-Large on the Board of Directors. Anysia’s insights, creativity and perspectives as Membership Committee Chair played a key role in the organization restructuring in 2011. In that year, NAME made changes to its Bylaws allowing all LEA members to be voting members. NAME also re-organized that year from twelve to three geographic regions.

From her initial diagnosis of breast cancer in the Fall of 2010 until her death at age 42 in May 2013, Anysia remained a member of the NAME Leadership Team and attended phone meetings, sometimes calling in from the oncology center while receiving chemotherapy treatment. She was not secretive about her diagnosis or treatment, and appreciated the support of her NAME colleagues for the mental and physical battle of her life. Many friends are convinced that loving support from her two young children, her feisty personality, determination to defeat this foe by continuing her workout regimen, and sharing her battle with others, were not only inspirational to those around her, but prolonged her life in spite of setbacks.

In 2011, as chair of the Membership Committee, Anysia convinced the Board of Directors to set as a top priority, outreach and recruitment of potential members from the states that did not have NAME members. They began a campaign to locate those individuals and invite them to join NAME and attend the Annual Conference, one of the best values of membership.

In April 2013, the Board of Directors with a unanimous vote designated Anysia Drumheller an Honorary Board Member. In May 2013, only weeks after her death, the Board created the Anysia Drumheller Memorial Scholarship. The Membership Committee presented the plan for the scholarship to the Board as a way to provide outreach and recruitment to potential NAME members who are hindered from attending the NAME Annual Conference by their agency’s limited travel budgets.

The purpose of the Anysia Drumheller Scholarship is to help others like Anysia, who are seeking knowledge about the Medicaid in Education programs (“these crazy programs”) to meet and network with others who work in this unique field. The NAME Board will fund this annual scholarship which will cover up to $1000 in reimbursement for the costs of travel and lodging to attend the Annual NAME Conference for those whose agencies will not approve. The scholarship also includes a complimentary Annual Conference registration (which includes an annual membership).

NAME will periodically sponsor fundraisers to increase the Scholarship fund. For every $1000 that is added to the fund by June 1at each year and based on Scholarship criteria, there will be another recipient.

Those who knew and loved Anysia Drumheller, hope the Scholarship recipients appreciate that her determined and feisty personality while Membership Committee Chair, to bring more members to NAME was the catalyst for its creation. In the spirit of its namesake, the Scholarship will be an ongoing gift to other professionals in the field of Medicaid in Education.