February 12, 2012 marks a red-letter day in the history of NAME.

Today, USDOE-OSERS announced a major revision related to parental consent regulations for accessing public insurance authorized by IDEA 34 CFR ยง300.154 (d) which relates to the responsibilities of school districts across America to access Medicaid reimbursement for certain special education and related services.

Here is a link to the revised regulations:


The link includes:

  1. An unofficial copy of the revised regulations
  2. A one-page summary of what the changes mean
  3. A Q&A to explain what the revisions mean to schools across the United States.

NAME has worked tirelessly to revise the 2006 regulations since 2006 by working with federal education officials and other national partners. Part of this work included providing OSERS with an understanding of the reasons why the regulations needed to be revised.

NAME, parents and school districts across the country will now reap the benefits of the revised regulations.

Today- February 12, 2013- is validation that NAME is an organization that has the ability to affect profound improvements for our membership. As a direct result of our efforts, we have brought about real improvement to our cause which was achieved truly...in the NAME of collaboration!