Status of Health Care Reform

On June 22, 2017 the US Senate released its proposed Health Care Reform Bill.

It is important to note that this bill is very similar to the Health Care Reform Bill that was recently passed in the US House of Representatives.  The Save Medicaid in Schools Coalition is very concerned that these bills will have a significant negative effective on children’s health care services for a number of reasons including the proposed changes in Medicaid financing.

The Save Medicaid In Schools Coalition has sent a letter to the US House and Senate leadership expressing their concerns in regards to the proposed bills.  This letter can be found on the AASA, The Schools Superintendents Association website at:

Today (June 22, 2017) the Save Medicaid in Schools Coalition released the following on the Senate Health Care Reform Bill:

Also of interest is a link to the Larry Jacobs, Education Talk Radio interview on “The Relationship Of Schools and Medicaid”.  Participating in the call were John Hill, NAME Executive Director and Kathy Merry, NAME Region 2 LEA Representative.

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