General Assumptions and Expectations

  1. The Leadership Team consists of the NAME Officers, Board of Directors and Committee Chairpersons.
  2. NAME is a volunteer organization, and work/job responsibilities take precedence in most instances. The commitment to serve on the NAME Leadership Team requires balancing workload and NAME duties as outlined below.
  3. Learn, know and assume responsibility to implement, communicate or act upon the organization's mission, purposes, goals, policies, programs, strengths and needs.
  4. Demonstrate leadership by recruiting potential NAME members, committee members and nominees for elected Officer and Board positions.
  5. Serve as a mentor and undertake leadership assignments willingly.
  6. Represent the organization's interest in the community and among individuals and organizations with whom NAME may or does have a relationship.
  7. Honor fellow members by showing respect in all interactions and work.
  8. Bring a sense of humor to the Board's deliberations.


  1. Prepare for and actively participate in all Board meetings, including annual long-range and triennial strategic planning meetings; contact any officer if unable to attend.
  2. Engage and participate in Board deliberations, and support the Board's decisions.
  3. Maintain confidentiality of Board meetings as necessary.
  4. Suggest agenda items for Board and committee meetings as appropriate to ensure significant policy-related matters are addressed.
  5. Participate actively, as needed, in committee meetings, annual conferences and other activities of the organization.

Relationship with Contractors/Staff

  1. Work with NAME's contractors, such as the Webmaster, Meeting Facilitator and any others providing professional services to carry out the business of the organization.
  2. Avoid asking for special favors of the organization's professional services contractors.

Avoiding Conflict

  1. Serve the organization as a whole rather than special interest groups.
  2. Avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest; annually submit a completed Conflict of Interest Statement to the Secretary by no later than the 21st calendar day following the first Board meeting and update it as necessary in a timely fashion.
  3. Maintain independence and objectivity. Do what a sense of fairness, ethics and personal integrity dictate.
  4. Never accept or offer personal favors or gifts from or to anyone who does business with the organization.

Fiduciary Responsibility

  1. Exercise prudence in Board deliberations and decisions on the control and transfer of funds.
  2. Faithfully read and understand the organization's financial statements and otherwise help the Board fulfill its fiduciary responsibility.
  3. Participate in Board oversight of the organization's financial operations.

Annual Conference

  1. Assist the organization's annual conference marketing strategies through participation and personal influence with others e.g. corporations, foundations, and individuals.
  2. Assist with the annual conference by moderating sessions, staffing the registration desk, facilitating or trouble-shooting onsite logistics, greeting attendees and other tasks as requested by the conference committee.
  3. Make yourself visible and accessible to conference attendees as an ambassador for NAME.