The National Alliance for Medicaid In Education is pleased to announce the selection of our new Executive Director, Jenny Millward, ED. D. 

Jenny brings with her 29 years of experience in special education and childhood disability advocacy in such roles as a special education teacher, Program Specialist for Speech Language Pathology and Director of Student Services at Houston County Schools in Georgia. In addition to her impressive career experience Jenny has also been an active member of G-CASE, CASE, and CEC since 2004, including holding the Legislative Committee Chair position for G-CASE since 2018.

NAME eagerly anticipates a thriving partnership with Jenny to promote integrity, collaboration, and success for its members.

To connect with Jenny:

Dr. Jenny Millward, Executive Director

National Alliance for Medicaid in Education

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John Hill Retires

Thank you, John, for serving NAME so well and best wishes in your retirement!

John Hill, founding member and past-president of the National Alliance for Medicaid in Education (NAME), has retired. He served eight years as the chairperson of the Governmental Affairs Committee before becoming NAME's first executive director in 2014. Utilizing his strength in fostering collaborative relationships, John has supported NAME's volunteer committees to build strong, strategic partnerships with other national organizations working to ensure the health of students, as well as federal and state agencies and local school systems responsible for the implementation of Medicaid in Education. In his previous career, Hill focused on state and federal-level disability policy and program development. He retired as the Director of Policy, Planning, and Program Development for the Indiana Division of Disability & Rehabilitation Services after nearly 40 years of service with and on behalf of persons with disabilities. John provided leadership to numerous boards and commissions during his tenure in Indiana. He will continue to transition the organization in partnership with Dr. Jenny Millward and the Leadership Team.